5 thoughts on “Sally

  1. Sally it looks a wonderful party. So nice to see so many of the ‘old stagers’, an event to go down in the history of ICU. Enjoy the new challenge and no popping into the Oxford St stores on a regular basis just cause they’re so close.. Love as always Carole xxx


  2. What an incredible experience you have had Sally, and now new adventures and challenges ahead of you.
    I remember you starting on the unit as an Enrolled Nurse and look at you now. Sheer hard work, determination and a passion for what you do. But fun on the way 👏😉🤣.
    I wish I was there to celebrate with you Sal all that you have achieved but I will be thinking of you in New Zealand and will toast you with some kiwi bubbles 🥂.
    Biggest of hugs
    Cels/C/Cecilia (née McDermott


  3. Best of luck sally in your new adventure, I’ll always have fond memories of lewisham icu, it was a great place to work, and I’m sure everyone will agree it won’t be the same without you.looks like you had a great send off. Great seeing all the faces, looking good everone😀. X


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