Her London, UK: The 2016 Holidays

How’s everyone doing? I apologise for my lack of activity for the past 2 months as I have been spending more time on my post graduate course with King’s College. It was a productive 4-month course which finally concluded on the 10th of January through a hearty written examination (still waiting for the results! fingers crossed!) Also, it was an unbelievably busy December 2016 with the Christmas Holidays and all, despite my week of annual leave where I pretty much enjoyed a couple of Korean Dramas while literally filling up my bed.

Here I am, with January 2017 nearly finished, trying to catch up with my entries as I have more of our September 2016 Europe trip and November 2016 Norway trip to finish! But first, here’s a lovely view of London when everything was made brighter with fairy lights and the festivities.

Nov16 | Starting our night of touring around London at Oxford Street

Checking our busy schedules for December, Chris and I managed to find the perfect night for (not everyone’s) ideal type of date — walking around the city, bundled up to stay warm in winter, with our trusty cameras, and just trying to enjoy how the lights beautifully embrace London and the people all pumped up for the coming holidays. Chris also managed to buy a GorillaPod from John Lewis before we headed for our mini adventure.

Nov16 | Didn’t expect to have this black cab be a lovely centre for this one

We weren’t the only ones experimenting with long exposures and its potential in creating amazing results as there were loads of other people with there massive tripods and professional lenses. Only difference (beyond the expensive equipment they own) is that they all looked professional and we looked like high school students! Looking young forever!

Nov16 | Trafalgar Square is always a good idea
Nov16 | Trafalgar Square and the Fourth Plinth
Nov16 | Nelson’s Column from the Museum


Walking from Oxford Street, Regent Street to Trafalgar Square, we decided to take a bus to Westminster and see the never ageing London Eye and Big Ben.

Nov16 | Ah here she is again. Taken from the bridge.

I was enjoying seeing how flowing water looks after a long exposure shot. Definitely not what I always capture on my photos.

Wasn’t particularly pleased with how I photographed this beauty.. We couldn’t really take good photos at this time because Chris was running low in battery and he was becoming fussed about it!

Nov16 | Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges from the Pier
Nov16 | The London Eye in its mighty Coca Cola Red

I hope that the joy, passion and generosity that the holidays bring never leave our hearts! Never too late to greet, Happy New Year to us all! (Well, it’s also Chinese New Year TODAY… So, technically I still have another excuse!)

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