Her Paris, France: Musee Du Louvre

Expanding over an area nearly 61,000 square meters wide, The Louvre or Louvre Museum is the largest museum in the world. It is one of the most historical and most popular landmarks of the city, and is the world’s second most visited museum. With a vast collection of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Islamic and Near Eastern antiquities, there is definitely something for everyone who visits The Louvre.

Sep16 | Visitors Reception inside the museum

Recently renovated (beginning 2014 and opened in July 2016), the visitors’s reception emits a breath of openness, boasting of a clean structural design that allows tourists to inhale the marvel of the world’s undefeated biggest museum.

As we commenced our tour of The Louvre, we were definitely anticipating the moments when we finally see the works of men who shaped Arts as how we know it today. With every sculpture and mould, painting and drawing, design and creation; we were excited to allow our eyes and souls be brought to another level of man’s creativity.

Sep16 | Right upon entering, we needed to do a couple selfie with our handy tripod
Sep16 | Endless hallways of Egyptian treasures
Sep16 | Nothing is so vast if we’re touring places together

The museum’s painting collection has more than 7,500 masterpieces, primarily French and Northern European, for which a collection stands out without effort, the High Renaissance.

Sep16 | Paintings inside The Louvre
Sep16 | Even the ceilings are worth your time

Among the most notable ones are made by Leonardo da Vinci — the Mona Lisa, Virgin and Child with St. Anne, St. John the Baptist, and Madonna of the Rocks.

Sep16 | Madonna of the Rocks (Virgin of the Rocks) by Leonardo Da Vinci, oil on panel
Sep16 | Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist by Bernardino Luini, oil on panel
Sep16 | Waves of tourists waiting to see her smile
Sep16 | Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, oil on populus

And as one gets deeper into the museum’s collection, more astounding pieces such as sculptures showing love, lust, gods, and the beauty of the human body come to life.

Sep16 | Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss by Antonio Canova
Sep16 | Angels and men
Sep16 | We felt that a whole day wasn’t really enough to fully enjoy The Louvre

As beautiful and majestic as its antiquities, the museum structure in itself is a treasure to be admired upon. Because of its highly distinct design, it is therefore not questionable that The Louvre is usually a choice of location or feature for mainstream movies and documentaries. Projected in the Da Vinci Code, both the novel and film, that is where I first opened my eyes and interest to the Inverted Pyramid and the Louvre Pyramid proper.

Sep16 | La Pyramide Inversee
Sep16 | The Louvre Pyramid

This large pyramid actually serves as the main entrance to the museum and simply looks stunning from the outside. We managed to drop by the entrance exactly at noon, but the intense Parisian sun did not hinder tourists (and us) from appreciating how architecturally beautiful this courtyard is. And bringing home a selfie or two.

Sep16 | The Louvre main courtyard

I look forward to visiting The Louvre over and over again, time and budget permits. With thousands of works to be celebrated, days remaining in my life wouldn’t simply be enough to appreciate each of man’s creation in this collection.

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