Her Travel Narratives: Beginnings

Jul16 | Cornwall, England

Welcome to kthflorescreative!

Originally engravingwanderlust.tumblr.com, I have now decided to venture out and explore the passionate world of online blogging via wordpressTumblr has given me an opportunity to create my personal mark online nearly the entirety of my teen and early adult years, for which I can never say I have achieved my aspirations. Creating narratives to be looked back on, sharing travel photos, and connecting with others who appreciate beautiful destinations and works of art (maybe traditional or digital) were my motivation back then. Nothing really has changed in what drives me to write and post, but the poor reception as engravingwanderlust has made me feel terribly alone. Insignificance has made me make this leap — not just a leap of platforms, but a leap of pushing myself even further to create content that really matter.

I am a full-time critical nurse from the Philippines, now based in the UK. I have always had the soft spot for art, a passion I have badly neglected for the past years as I was driven to focus on the world of health sciences, nursing for the sick, and working abroad. It was a gift I took for granted, tapped on occasionally when needed, and have barely nurtured. But even after years and years of neglect… I can never look past my appreciation for design, for loud colours that makeup canvasses and nature, for strokes and patterns in architecture and typography, for portraits and landscapes that make you feel alive, and for all sorts of creations that speak to you with soul.

I have never had an art class, never attended a photography class, and barely wrote articles in a high school paper. I guess that’s what’s going to make this whole blog up as… A 20-something year old with a whole lot of knowledge on critical care adult nursing, some knowledge on living abroad, some (self-taught) knowledge on drawing and design, little knowledge on travel photography and little knowledge on immersive writing.

But I am making this leap and turning this into a commitment. I hope to get in touch with you. And again, welcome to kthflorescreative.

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